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The Group

Euro-Tech, founded in 1990, is a real partner of the Oil & Gas industries. Today, we are an important player about intellectual services in all the process industries.

The group aims to reinforce his leadership by affirming the commitments and values with its partners.


Our historical customers trust us and our 25 years’ expertise which make us unavoidable, allowing to build a strong skills and customers network.

The managers are experts in engineering, safety and security. 


The team has a strong knowledge of industrial sites and professions which allow to understand the customer needs and refine a search for profiles beyond the main competence according to the project and the different constraints.

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Upgrade expert's knowledge

-tous nos collaborateurs sont systématiquement testés

 sur  plusieurs critères clés en plus d'items transverses.

-Ils sont formés pour répondre à toutes les demandes

 de nos clients.

-Qualification et validation des compétences clés.

-Préparation à la prise en charge des missions.

-Suivi du projet.









By an experimented team in the technical fields of our clients

By a technical expertise

According to a strict MASE quality rules and ISO 9001/ OHSAS 18001

Our technical skills at your service