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Our commitment Security

Why certification?

The Enterprise Security Enhancement Manual (MASE) is a commitment of our company in terms of security. It sets out the minimum measures required to enable the company to set up an effective prevention system. This framework is composed of 2 main parts which provide the company with all the information necessary for the construction or improvement of its safety management system.

The first part details the 5 chapters constituting the reference frame and specifies the essential foundations:

The commitment of management,

The competence and professional qualifications of the staff,

The preparation and organization of work, Controls,

The amelioration keeps going

The second part provides a set of technical annexes containing advice and decision-making support for the company. 



Our knowledge of the industrial environment allows us to better understand the issues related to health, Safety and the environment on high-risk sites. Certified joint MASE / UIC system since 2006,

We are continuing to improve our HSE management system and we are ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification. This joint MASE / UIC system certification recognizes our company as a Prevention and empowers us to work on sites classified as SEVESO.


Our QSSE commitment is based on 4 axes:

1. Preserving the health and safety of employees: - Identify and prevent risks - Train and empower our employees - Ensure compliance with internal and site-specific security rules

2. Ensure the protection of our environment: - Decrease the environmental impact of our business

3. Continue to improve our organizational control: - Improve our control by changing the working methodologies - Improve internal communication as well as with interested parties

4. Strengthen customer satisfaction: - Maintain our ability to identify customer needs as well as possible and to provide an appropriate response - Accompany and advise throughout the performance -

Ensure the growth of the company through enhanced customer satisfaction To meet these commitments, targets adapted and covering all the QSSE themes have Been fixed. Each EURO-TECH employee is a daily player essential to the successful implementation of this policy.

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The Will of Euro-Tech: The growing and justified importance of safety for all industrial activities in particular, leads companies to do their utmost to reduce or even eliminate accidents. With this in mind for morality, ethics and efficiency, a permanent objective of our society is the research and implementation of working conditions of our personnel to eliminate the causes of physical and material accidents.

The establishment and implementation of a Corporate Security Improvement Plan represent our commitment to constant progress in order to guarantee the safety of our personnel, our equipment and the facilities of our customers.

This Corporate Security Improvement Plan (PASE) defines the basic rules that we commit ourselves to respect and enforce by our staff.

It is written on the basis of the security requirements of our customers and the Enterprise Security Enhancement Manual (MASE), the content of which serves as a reference.

It also meets the specific operating rules, procedures and specification of the clients on the sites where our staff intervenes under contracts entrusted to us.